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7+ / Year 2 SATs

I specialise in tutoring children to prepare for the 7+ and Year 2 Standard Assessment Tests (sats) with fun and engaging teaching techniques.

Who can be tutored?

I have been asked this question many times throughout my tutoring history. Is it too early to prepare a child for an assessment, will my child feel stressed, can you tutor a young child?


My answer to these questions is that a child can begin tutoring at any age and they won't feel stressed, as long as the tutor can support the child in a caring, fun and engaging style then the child will not feel overwhelmed.


I have supported many children to gain entry into prestigious schools throughout England. I would like to branch out to international students.

What is the 7+ Exam?

It is an assessment which is carried out in year 2 and the type of assessment varies at every school e.g. one child was asked to join a year 2 class and participate in a learning activity where she was observed by the classroom teacher.


Afterwards, she met the headteacher and was asked why she would like to join the school, what her hobbies are, and what she enjoys about school. She ate lunch with the children and was giving a tour of the school.


Assessment is carried out at different times of the year, often between January to March.


What is tested for 7+?

Will a tutor help to pass the 7+ ?

In a nutshell, yes. It also depends on the experience of the tutor and how will they work with your child. All the children I have tutored to prepare for 7+ assessment have gained a place despite the high level of competitiveness. 

My Gallery of Learning

Here are some photos of my students work from ages 4-6 years.

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*Please note that parents who book this free assessment and do not attend or send me advanced notice of not being able to attend, will not be considered for tutoring by Learn by Tutor.

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