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GCSE Science and English

I can help in tutoring in GCSE and build up your knowledge and confidence. 

GCSE Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

I follow a scheme of work to support my students with learning the topics for both papers.

Example of a GCSE Exam in Biology:
Both papers are 100 marks and timein to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Paper 1 the student is assessed on subjects 1 to 4-
Cell biology: Organisation: Infection and Response: and Bioenergetics.

Paper 2 the student is expected to be able to answer questions on subjects 5 to 7- 
Homeostasis and response: Inheritance: Variation and Evolution: and Ecology.

GCSE English

High School Student

I will support your child to develop their knowledge for each section for both papers. 

There are two exam papers (English Language and Literature Paper).

1 hour 45 minutes; 80 marks and totals 50% each of the total grade.

Paper 1:

Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing. The student will answer exams from Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel.

Paper 2 

Writer's Viewpoints and Perspective. Reading and writing questions.

Gallery of Learning 

Here are some photos of my students work from ages 4-6 years.

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