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My Tutoring Subjects

I specialise in tutoring from the ages of 4 to 16 years, with a focus on core subjects, 7+ and 11+ preparation, and GCSEs.

7+ / Year 2 Sats Tutoring

  • Math's

  • English 

  • Science


7+ and Year 2 Sats have slightly different assessments, but I can adapt the lesson to your child's needs. Some children can be tutored from as early as reception. Each child is unique and there are many fun ways to learn and engage a young learner.


11+ Tutoring

  • Math's

  • English

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning​​


If possible, it is good to get started from as early as year 4, but if that's not possible, then year 5. Each child is unique, has their own learning style and needs.

Mixed Subjects

  • Math's ages 4-14 years

  • English 4- 14 years

  • Verbal Reasoning 4-14 years

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning 4-14 years

  • Science 4-14 years


I am specialised in supporting children to achieve their best potential in these subjects. Children all have a unique learning style and I adapt my tutoring to suit each child.

Child showing her clock drawings

GCSE Tutoring

  AQA English:


  1. ​Literature Paper (Shakespeare, 19th Century Prose etc)

  2. Language Paper (analysing Non-Fiction and Drama etc)



  AQA Biology:

 Cell Biology; Inheritance, Variation and Evolution; Organisation etc.

 It is good to get started on GCSE knowledge and exam preparation in year 10 if     possible. Student's will be taught the underpinning knowledge for both GCSEs,     with regular assessments and thereafter, a teaching plan.

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