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Year 1-5: Mixed

4 times tables
Photo of a student who was adding coins
Problem solving with multiplication

'Telling the time' work from my students. Each student is learning to tell the time e.g. 24 hour and 12 hour, digital and analogue and more. Once the child is able to tell the time, then I begin working on problem-solving questions e.g. the Bullet Train photo. Problem-solving is an essential skill for 11+ papers and general knowledge. 

Mandarin to English.JPG
Bullet train time, minutes past
Jumping in tens is a nice starter activity for more challenging addition/subtraction

Jumping in 10's leads onto adding in 100's, 1000's and more; as well as the student learning to subtract these numbers e.g. 'now count back in 10's, 100's, now 110'.  Linking the digits to the correct spelling improves literacy, as well as helping the child to be able to match numbers to words. A key strength underlies this and forms the foundation for other math;s such as writing the time e.g. 'it's 16:32pm, thirty-two minutes past four o' clock.

Match word to number- good for English spelling & identifying digits
Photo of student writing year 3 spelling words using Microsoft Whiteboard.
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