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Below are testimonials from my students parents.

Mature Woman

Emma, Housing Developer

"You tutored our son, specifically to sit the 9 plus assessment to gain entry to a prestigious south London school. He loved his sessions with you (in English, math's and verbal and non-verbal reasoning) and he passed the assessment and is now at that school.

In addition, you are tutoring our daughter who has also gained entry to a prestigious south London girls’ school, JAGS. She adores her sessions with you and is always super keen to come and see you. 

We have been super happy with your approach, flexibility and focus and you have always gained the results we were after.

I would be very happy to recommend you to any family needing tuition for their children."

"Hi Michelle, hope you've had a good day. Just to let you know **** got 90% in her end of year comprehension test... highest score in her class! Thank you for all your hard work with her xx".

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Jane, Teacher at
a Dulwich School

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"Michelle has been tutoring my daughter for 4 years now and my son for a year. She is an excellent tutor who ensures sessions are fun as well as educational. She always welcomes suggestions for areas to focus on and will keep on embedding a topic until she is confident that the child has it in their long-term memory rather than rushing through topics. Michelle was an integral part of my daughter’s success at 7+ assessments as she really focused on math's problem-solving skills which two years on, are still areas that my daughter is strongest in".

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Music Teacher

"I really think that your sessions have helped enormously! Thank you!

I will definitely be asking you to tutor my other two daughters when they start their GCSE's".

"Hi Michelle, just wanted to let you know that Mary got all grade 9s for her GCSEs including her English subjects. Thanks again for all your help! She would not have gotten grade 9 in English without your help. English Literature for a grade 9 she needed 112 and Mary got 118. English language, no boundary found but a 9 mark obtained. Cheers Adeline".

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"Michelle has been a wonderful tutor to my son. She keeps him focused and engaged whilst still managing to make learning fun! He always looks forward to her lessons".

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