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11+ Preparation

I am specialised in supporting your child to gain the skills for their 11+ assessment in year 6.

The 11+ exam is a standardised assessment which usually takes place in year 6 (students are aged 10-11 years old, hence the name).

The exam consists of:

  • Math's

  • English

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

Each subject is broken down in further parts e.g. in Math, the exam will consist of ratio and proportions, algebra, number and place value, fractions/decimals and percentages, data handling questions etc.

Class Online

I have found that most of the exams are carried out on a computer although some schools still use paper version.

Some children take the 11+ to gain entry into another school, or to remain in their current school. I recommend children begin preparing for this exam from year 4, if possible, but a year 5 start is also beneficial.

 It's quite normal for children to set the test online nowadays, however I still recommend practicing with writing. I suggest setting up exam condition at home e.g. turn off all devices, set up the chair and table, and set the timer. Practice at least one paper per week. 

Gallery of Learning

Here are some photos of my tutoring work from my 11+ student's.

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