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Mixed Subjects

I can help your child in mixed subjects from Math's, Science, English, Reasoning, and confidence.



Children can explore the fundamentals of life such as evolution, fossils, the era of the dinosaurs, states of matter and much more.

I carry out regular assessments to check children's learning through online questions, quizzes, interactive games and more. 

Age Group:

4 - 14 years old.

Animal Fossil


I can help your child to learn the basics in Math's such as column addition and subtraction, place value up to 1 million, division, multiplication, times tables, ratio, probability, fractions, problem-solving skills and much more. I carry out regular assessments to check for strengths and areas which need developing.

Age Group:

4 - 14 years old.


I tutor children in phonics; spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG), creative writing skills, how to tackle and answer comprehension's, reading skills, and other topics e.g. onomatopoeia, homophones, alliteration, similes, personification, verbs/adverbs, adjectives, nouns/proper nouns and much more.

Age Group:

4 - 14 years old.

Studying at Home

Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning Skills: 

Verbal Reasoning- children are required to use their problem-solving skills to solve questions with letters and words. Often, questions include cracking codes using an alphabet scheme, spotting words within words next to each other, finding a missing letter to complete two other words and more. 

Non-Verbal Reasoning-

This involves children solving problem solving questions using diagrams or pictures. Children need to be able to analyse information based on the visuals. Questions involve looking at sequences and patterns, odd one out, the next answer and more.

Age Group:

5 - 14 years old.

Gallery of Learning

Here are some photos of a range of my students work from ages 4-16 years.

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