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7+ Learning

Year 1- using number lines to add to 30. Some numbers are missing which makes it more challenging
A story board of a child's daily activities- he's learning 'telling the time' in year 1.

 I really like using number lines for year 1 students and sometimes they are used in year 2-3 with my tutees. The student can add and subtract using the number line, and eventually they will be able to carry out this operation independently 'mental math's'. 

Learning to spell 'quarter' & telling the time. Problem-solving too
Year 1 'telling the time' activity with 'quarter past' and 'quarter to'.
Year 3 missing numbers activity

'Telling the time' work from my students. Each student is learning to tell the time e.g. minutes past and minutes to, quarter past and quarter to, half past, the hour 'o clock', why do we need to learn clocks, 24 hour and 12 hour, digital and analogue and more. Once the child is able to tell the time, then I begin working on problem-solving questions.

Year 1 Place Value to the thousands

Working with number bonds to 20, place value, problem solving multiplication, times tables, I tutor in these operation's regularly. Place value, counting, number bonds to 10 (then 20+), are good starters to tutoring, the rest of the operations enhance the learning journey.

Number bonds to 20
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